Joan Lock

Death in Perspective

Death in Perspective by Joan Lock Death in Perspective large print cover Death In Perspective

Death in Perspective, Hale, 2001

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Large Print, Ulverscroft, 2002

Kindle eBook September 2013

At first Berry Hill seemed the perfect place to house-sit. Jenny would be able to put the past behind her as she painted watercolours of the beautiful garden, while Robin sought that elusive job. But the house proves very isolated and all is not right. Why is one of the bedrooms locked? Where is the owner’s wife? And why does the aggravating Detective Sergeant Bridgeman pester Jenny about a missing schoolgirl? Bridgeman's ever-expanding enquiries lead to a dodgy photographer, a seedy animal sanctuary, a clothes-conscious headmistress - and his old enemy, Rolls, an acid-tongued barrister on whom the tables are now turned. Jenny's fears grow as strange and threatening events wreck her rural idyll, culminating in a heart-stopping climax.

'This is an intriguing and puzzling mystery, with many twists and turns that hold the reader.' Mystery Women

'I couldn't put it down. Highly recommended autumnal read'
London Police Pensioner