Joan Lock

The British Policewoman: Her Story

The British Policewoman: Her Story Blue Murder Kindle
ISBN hardback 0709175469
First published in UK hardback by Hale,1978

Paperback and ebook Jolo Press, 2014

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Here, now fully updated for the twenty-first century, is the complex and fascinating history of the formation of the British Women Police.

Full of drama, intrigue and humour, it also captures, through well-authenticated primary material, the colour and manner of the times. Early policewomen fought much public and police prejudice,wondering all the time how far to hold out for their ideals and how much to compromise for the sake of some official recognition; the eternal problem when breaking new ground. Their story, which was played out not only in the streets and courts of Great Britain and the House of Commons but in a defeated Germany and strife-torn, 1920s, Ireland, as well as in prohibition-era USA, ended in victory with their official integration into the force in the 1970s. But the battle did not end there . . .

'cannot fail to fascinate', London Police Pensioner, 2014 'Full of drama, intrigue and humour' Met Police Historical Collection Newsletter, 2014 'engrossing, informative and entertaining' goodreads ***** France Brody, 2011 'This is an excellent book.' Constabulary Gazette, 1978 'enthralling' Daily Telegraph, 1978 'entertaining, at times very funny and sometimes moving' Police, 1978