Joan Lock

Dreadful Deeds and Awful Murders: Scotland Yard's First Detectives 1829-1878

Dreadful Deeds and Awful Murders: Scotland Yard's First Detectives 1829-1878  
First published in the UK hardback by Barn Owl Books, 1990

eBook Jolo Press, 2014
Paperback, CreateSpace 2015


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The author paints a vivid picture of the difficulties and considerable triumphs of London's first detectives. She presents detailed and intriguing accounts from the detectives' viewpoint, showing how they worked before the days of fingerprinting, blood tests, telephone or typewriters - when hunches really did form a large part of sleuth's armoury.

The cases examined are set in their social and political context: the fledgeling detectives had to pursue culprits in the face of severe press criticism, intense public interest, and frequent antagonism from magistrates, coroners, lawyers, and even prison governors.

Joan Lock draws extensively on contemporary reports and descriptions in newspapers, journals, police records, and fiction (including the works of Charles Dickens) in telling the story of determined and often brave pioneers.

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'Well written and full of interesting facts. No wonder Charles Dickens was a groupie.' TraceyEva 2015 'extremely well researched and well written - wonderful detail and lively prose. BJ Rhan, 2014 'an absolutely fascinating account of the early years of the detective service in the UK . . . this is a seriously good book.' Lally, 2011 goodreads ***** 'I love it. Joan Lock has a great style, making her book easy to read' Starfish 2011 'this engrossing and convivial book' London Evening Standard 1990 'who could resist a book beginning "There was something not quite right about the body" ?' Ruth Rendell, The Daily & Sunday Telegraph Christmas Books 1990 '. . . it's a riveting read!' The Job. Met Police magazine, 1990