Joan Lock

Please, Nurse!

Please Nurse

First published as 'Reuuctant Nightingale' in the UK hardback by Dent, 1970

eBook & Paperback, Orion, 2013

A chronicle of the author's nursing training during the 1950s when the rule was extremely authoritarian, doctors were gods, and the work backbreaking. Something of a rebel Joan quickly realises that she is no Florence Nightingale but is nonetheless perceptive and interested in people and her tale is dramatic, sad and funny.



When Joan Lock began her formal training as a young nurse in the 1950s, she was unprepared for the strict discipline and long hours which were to follow and quickly realised she was no Florence Nightingale. Her honest and humorous account of the next three years reveals her most intimate experiences of being a nurse: from dealing with temperamental surgeons to fighting off flirtatious patients.

Labelled a trouble-maker, Joan and her friends tested their strict Sisters' patience as they climbed through windows, slept through lectures and broke every thermometer that passed through their hands. But through it all, Joan found herself touched by the people she met and their heart-warming stories.


'an enjoyable, fast-moving account'.' Nursing Standard, 2014

Amazon *****

'I could identify with most of the incidents mentioned. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.'Cassia, 2014

'I was a student nurse in the 1960's and this book brought back a lot of memories for me. The workload, being terrified of the ward sister . . . An enjoyable read for nurses!' Fiona Tower, 2014

'compulsive reading' Newcastle Evening Chronicle, 1971

'Informative, compassionate and often very funny' Catholic Herald, 1971

'forthright, funny and sad in turn' Woman's Journal, 1971

'vastly entertaining' Cork Examiner, 1971