Joan Lock

The Princess Alice Disaster

The Princess Alice Disaster

First published in UK paperback and eBook by Hale, 2013

The collision of the Princess Alice pleasure steamer with the Tyne collier, Bywell Castle, in the Thames in September 1878 resulted in Britain's worst-ever inland waterway accident. Around 650 passengers and crew died. Whole families were wiped out; many children were left orphans; parents childless. The nation wept. Joan Lock describes vividly the lead up to the accident, the disaster itself and its aftermath. She then delves into the quarrels that the tragedy devolved into, as each side blamed the other during the extended inquiries to discover just how the accident happened and why so many people drowned.


"This is a fascinating – if harrowing - account of an awful night on the Thames, the full horror of which should perhaps be better known. Waterways World, 2013

"This book vividly describes the lead up to the accident, the disaster itself and its aftermath." Book time, 2013

Amazon *****

'Very interesting detail, it filled in several unknown facts for me.' Amazon customer, 2016

'Good book' glenda steer, 2014

". . .  everything you ever wanted to know about the Princess Alice Disaster. Very well written and easy to read. . .  I wish this book had been around when I first learnt about the Princess Alice Disaster." Tanglinmo, 2013

"It was the Hillsborough of its day . . . . Joan Lock's book is definitely recommended. Ms Lock's research is impeccable, and she has told the story in an accessible and readable way." Carroty Nell, 2013