Joan Lock

Scotland Yard Casebook: The Making of the CID 1865-1935

Scotland Yard Casebook: The Making of the CID 1865-1935 Blue Murder Kindle
ISBN hardback: 0709026358
First published in the UK hardback by Hale, 1993
eBook, Endeavour, 2015

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Joan Lock tells the fascinating story of the creation of the CID, the scandal which preceded it, and the successes and failures of the new organization, including early cases such as the four murders by Ernest Southey, the ferocious outbreak of dockland killings in 1869 as well as the more familiar crimes.

She describes Scotland Yard's gradual, if sometimes tardy, acceptance of identification and communication aids such as photography, the telegraph, telephone, Bertillon's anthropometric measurements and the fingerprint system.

First World War spy and Dear John jealousy murders were followed by 'Roaring Twenties' swindles and the arrival of motor car bandits — which in turn led to the formation of the Flying Squad and the adoption of mobile wireless telegraphy.

The introduction of women detectives is also discussed and the difficulties they experienced in establishing their place in a male dominated force.

Joan Lock closes the gap between the academic police historian and the writer of popular true crime, making this book a fascinating read for crime experts and the general reader alike.


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'I found this book very interesting and easy to read' Ingrid, 2015

'Very well-written and informative. A fascinating picture of how things were in the past - policing is never easy. A very entertaining book.' Edna Jones, 2016

' A good read, well written' New Law Journal, 1993

'an engrossing gallery' Eastern Daily Press, 1993

'a most intriguing history' Jersey Evening Post, 1993

'It's pictures - like the one of the men who dug up the remains of Cora Crippen - are equally fascinating and bring a good deal of atmosphere to the book. Evening Gazette, Middlesborough, 1993