Joan Lock


Interviewed several times with regard to women police and other subjects. More recently described on screen the history of dangers on the Thames citing the sinking of the Princess Alice pleasure steamer in 1878. Marchioness Party Boat Disaster. Channel 5, 25 May 2014.

Advised on and took part in:

A Fair Cop

A Fair Cop, BBC/IfNotUs 2015



Prunella Scales, Anna Massey and Police sergeant


Anna Massey, Prunella Scales and Police Sergeant Audrey Mattinson at the recording of Joan’s BBC Radio 4 play, ‘Against All Natural Instincts’, which described the early days of British women police.

Radio Drama for BBC Radio 4

Just His Manner 1976
A Blaggin Job 1976
A Great Big Softie 1977
A Walk Up The Sugar Loaf 1977
State Your Action 1978
Against All Natural Instincts 1978
Apart From That He’s A Nice Boy 1981

State Your Action
‘written with verve and humour’ The Guardian, Val Arnold Foster

Apart From That He’s A Nice Boy
‘whoever she is, can we have some of her please?’ The Sunday Times

Radio Drama for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation:

Dear Sir, Yours Sincerely
The Truth is . . .

Radio Documentary

A Man’s Job Alone (looking at the modern policewoman) 1986

Behind The Scenes Of Crime (a year with the Crime Writers’ Association) 1987

Took part in the segment on Margaret Damer Dawson, the leader of the Women Police Service during the Great War. Making History, BBC Radio 4, 8 March, 2016.


Police Review 1980s-90s: Many features largely on women police history; opportunities and lack of; handling of rape cases and women police of other countries. Weekly page: For Women Police, then Joan Lock Talking About